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Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome) occurs when a person has an extra 21st chromosome. This online community is devoted to all those who want to connect with others who are touched by Trisomy 21. This community has been developed to help all share support and friendship as well as to celebrate the uniqueness of all the individuals we know with Trisomy 21.

If you have just found out your child has Trisomy 21, please visit our “New to Trisomy 21” page! We hope you will find comfort, friendship and information from the sharing of thoughts, feelings and responses from our community members on these pages.

Enjoy the site and take your time to look around and join in where ever you feel comfortable. This is a growing community so please look around often to see what is new. We love to see new faces on both the boards and in chat so please jump in! Suggestions and ideas to enhance this community are always welcome and can be e-mailed to Katrina.

Community Section – Forums & Chat

Don’t forget to check out the community link on the navigation menu. This is the largest, most used part of You will find message forums on various topics that are both related to trisomy 21 and just related to other interests that our members have. We also have a chat room that members can use at anytime to do live chats. Enjoy!

Rotating Picture Information

cameraThe rotating picture will be updated regularly. To get your child’s picture in the rotation or to update a picture that is already there, simply watch for the call on the General Discussion Forum to post your pictures to get them added. The information that should be included will be posted at this time as well. The post will remain up for approximately a week in the hopes of everyone having a chance to get their children up

Alternate Message Board

Just a reminder that we do have an alternate site in case the Network 54 one happens to go down. Please bookmark this alternate site so that you will be able to find it in event of down time at Network 54. Remember that this board is meant only to be used if this one is down.

Here Is What’s New… (This section last updated April 1, 2008)

Hi, Katrina here! I am FINALLY getting to work on this site again and I hope to have it all up and running smoothly soon. Please bear with me if there are any broken links at the moment. I will soon be asking on the General Discussion Forum for submissions of current photos and stories to add to the various sections of this wonderful website.

I do plan to continue with many of the sections as designed by Monica and hope to continue building on them as time goes on. I had hoped to get working on the site sooner but better late than never. As most of you know we had some health concerns for Brant which took precedence but now that he’s on the mend I’m raring to go! I look forward to working with you all to make this the best T21 site on the web!

Fairy continues to grow and we seem to be getting new members daily! These are exciting times for our little community as the word seems to be out there about our site and we are so enjoying getting to know all the new members. Its wonderful that parents to be, parents of babies and parents of older children are now able to find our site. This is an exciting and welcome addition to our community. With each new member, our community takes on a new and exciting life!

As we continue to work on the site, we welcome any help/input/support from our community members. Please take a look around and if there is some way you would like to help out or contribute, just let me know and we can usually get the ball rolling. The best place to check out all we have as well as see a list of what is new and what pages have been updated is our site map.


thanx Thank-you to These Sites For Providing a Link to Us…

Note: If you currently provide a link to us or know of someone who does, please e-mail Katrina so that we can reciprocate the link here.

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